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Arrow Key Virus Problem.

Have you expierenced a sudden losse of control on club penguin games? For example: you are playing aqua grabber, and has suddenly lost control, like presssing the left arrow ley, and going up. Report this problem to us or the club penguin support team.

Waddle On!



Forum Coming Soon!

Yes that’s right! Your Christmas present from me, a forum to sign up to! Will be coming soon…

Holiday Party is here, and new catalogs and rockhopper tracker!

The reason i have not posted for ages is

1. School (but school has ended for 3 weeks now!)
2. I wanted to wait until every new stuf comes out, and then make a big post!

So lets get on, the holiday party has arrived!! And a new way to donate your coins for change charity money!!!
First of all, pick a category to donate to:

Then pick an amount to donate:

Now your done:

You can find donating stations dotted around the island, or if you are a member, buy a donation station to put inside your igloo!

Next up is a cool prize members can get after completing the Santa ride:

To complete the ride, click on fly at the controls, then every time you see a chimney at the bottom of the screen, click present release, try not to miss!

Once you are done, grab Santa’s present bag!

Next up Rockhopper is here, goto to his ship and goto his rare items, if you are a non member, grab the globe hat!

Next up are some catalogs:

Better igloos:

Style Catalog:

New play ‘Space Planet ‘Y’ Adventure’ catalog:

(credit to people to created these videos)

Now for our rockhopper tracker!

1.The Rockhopper tracker above is highly accurate and updates the room and server Rockhopper was last seen in. If you spot Rockhopper and the tracker hasn’t been updated yet, leave a comment and we will give you credit!

2. Rockhopper usually logs into the crowded servers during peak hours of the day (usually around afternoon and evenings of everyday). Rockhopper visits the less crowded servers during hours when less penguins are online. (usually around early morning and late night of everyday)

3. Do not believe penguins who say “ROCKHOPPER AT MAMMOTH” or anything in that matter. They are usually lies to bother other penguins and/or to get them out of a room.

4. Rockhopper isn’t always on Club Penguin 24 hours. Usually during overnight or early dawn (11:00 PM – 6:00 AM PST), he most is offline.

5. If you notice a server that usually is not crowded that suddenly got crowded, check this server as Rockhopper may be on it. There is not even a 10% chance Rockhopper would be on a server with 1 bar, even during peak hours.

6. Rockhopper is a red penguin with a beard, and a black pirate hat. If you find him on Club Penguin, click on him to view his player card. Note: Rockhopper’s outfit is exclusive and cannot look like any other penguin. There are lots of impersonators out there!

7. If you do find Rockhopper on Club Penguin, click on the free gift button on the far right for Rockhopper’s autographed background. This button is located where normal penguin’s “Add a buddy” button is.

8. Rockhopper is always very crowded when he is online. Be sure to check the users in room list instead of searching for his in the room. The users in room list is alphabetized and easier to search through. You can do this by clicking the button next to the smiley face on your buddy list.

9. Rockhopper changes servers every 10 – 15 minutes, including rooms. This means you will have to find Rockhopper fast and check this page for updates. Refresh the Club Penguin Rockhopper tracker.

10. Add a lot of buddies. You aren’t the only one tracking, so why not join everyone else? The more people who track with you, the more of a chance you will spot Rockhopper faster!

11. Finding Rockhopper takes a lot of patience. A good tip for non-members is to look for Rockhopper during the last few days of his arrival and during less popular hours, this way the room is less full. For the times on these times, you can check one of the tips above.

12. For more information on Club Penguin’s Rockhopper, visit fin1002’s Club Penguin Rockhopper Guide page.

So then that is all!

Merry Christmas!
Waddle On!


Im Back! And 5th Anniversary Party! And New Pin! Catalog cheats!

1. Yes Im back, Im having a lot of troubles with keeping up on Club Penguin, but i decided, well my blog is REALLY popular, so i suggested ill make a come back, ill try hard to keep up on stuff on club penguin!

2. Yes indeed its the 5th Anniversary, ITS ONLY 1 DAY, so get the party hat quick! party hats are rare items, in ten years time penguins will be following you saying “OMG, ITS A OLD MEMBER, HES GOT THE 5th ANNIVERSARY PARTY HAT!” In fact, penguins are doing that to people who have the beta party hat and the 1st 2nd and 3rd party hats!

Heres a Few Pictures!

And Heres the New Pin, at the cove:

And heres how to get a Celebration Stamp, Blow out the cake candles.

1. Goto the coffee shop (when a anniversary party is on)
2. click on the large cake
3. and the candles blow out, well done you got the stamp!

Here is our catalog cheats! ( i thought cpDq231’s catalog videos were really good, so all credit to him!)



Igloo (and furniture (mainly Igloo).):


In a few posts we will have a guess the room competition (HALLOWEEN VERSION!) so start memorising the rooms, and we will have a expert category, witch is harder!

Waddle On!
Good to be back!