Ulitamate Cheats, Secrets, Hints and Gliches Page!


Welcome to the Ultamate Cheats, Secrets, Hints and gliches Page, This could lead your player on cp to lots of penguins saying ‘How do you do that?’ or ‘Aswome Dude Rock on!’ and you say ‘wow cool, now i know how to it’ , If you just read all the aswome Cheats, Secret, Hint and gliches. Step by step you could keep trying these out, and the more you read the better, and cooler!

Stand On Water Glich

This can only be done at the Ice berg, and only at a sertain Place, Go to the Iceberg and start by waddleing under the patch of water below the agua Grabber. then your on, but a thing comes up and said, Do you want to play agua grabber, click no, then you can stay on the water:

Im standing on water

Secret things you can do with the buttons on your Laptop/computer, with club pengunin:

This alows you do short cuts in club penguin, and secret emotes in club penguin, on the keys, hold E and press another Letter and somthing will come up, and if you press E T together theres a emote that makes a noise, if you press the arrow keys you can sit forward, backwards, left and reft, instead of just sit diagoley. if you press T alot thats a glicht that makes you thor wsnow balls fast.


Hide under the bottom blue bar, and hide your player name, so friends cant find you:

This one is also secret, if you go to the coffee shop, only works in the coffee shop, waddle to the end of either sides of the blue bar, then click the other end, then your hidden, heres me doign it,

Hide your penguin cheat

Find secret hidden ninjas:

Im not gonne waste my time showing you pictures of the ninjas, but in some places on club penguin, sometimes not on club penguin, on the homepage aswell, theres hidden ninjas, and you can find out more on my Ninja Ghost Sigtings page.

Find Rockhopper Early Cheat (newbie cheat)

Its not a very hidden cheat, but you can find out when rockhoppers coming, when you look though the telescope at club penguin, also the Cp news paper will tell you when hes coming of not, to find out more go to my rockhopper page.

Empty veiw though the telescope.

turn on and off the light at the lighthouse becon:

IF you go to the becon, above the lighthouse, you can turn on and off the light, im not sure if other penguins see it when you turn it on and off, but if you go there, inside the dome with the light in it theres a swich click on it, then it will turn off, and then click on it again.

turn lighthouse light on and off

Find Secret items hidden in catalogs:

IF your a member you may find that theres hidden items in EVERY! catalog in club penguin, Including the F.I.S.H in the HQ, if you can find them! Every month or so i may send in a post telling you the catalog secerts so keep an eye out!

Secret EPF (elite penguin force room) comnected to the Secert PSA HQ.

Did you know, that if you buy the club penguin elite force game on DS theres a code under a sticker on the box packaging, go on club penguin, log on, but dont pick a sever, click on UNLOCK ITEMS ONLINE, then click on I have a code, then type in the code on under the sticker on the game box IN CAPITAL LETTER!!!!!!!! or it wouldent work, then you gain access to the secret Room in the HQ, The door is the pinkish cupborad in the HQ, hover you computer mouse of it, then it will open in a funny, technic way, click on it, and your done!


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