How to become a ninja

Heres some tips on how to become a ninja and become a expert at Card-jistu.

It is hard to become a ninja, to get to the dojo on the map, its up in the mountains.

What is a ninja?

A ninja is a person with a black belt, and who has mastered kungfu or any other games, and a sensie is a person who teaches them.

Card-jistu tips.

this picture shows the belts to earn in card jistu, in order, white, yellow, orange, green, blue, red, purple, brown, black.

  • Card jitsu belts it takes a long time to earn the ninja mask and entry to the secret ninja hideout with a catalog, cause theres a sertain amount of wins you have to get.
    White belt – 5 total wins needed.
    Yellow belt – 13 total wins needed.
    Orange belt – 21 total wins needed.
    Green belt – 30 total wins needed.
    Blue belt – 40 total wins needed.
    Red belt – 52 total wins needed.
    Purple belt – 64 total wins needed.
    Brown belt – 76 total wins needed.
    Black belt – 88 total wins needed.

    To beat the sensie you have to chose the cards in order, THE ORDERS DIFFERENT FOR EVERYONE, apart from the first card you pick witch is ether the yellow ice 7 card or the blue 5 water card. if that dosent work then ask a friend to help, once you have beaten him you gat a free ninja mask and gain access to the secret ninja hideout with a member ninja catlog (i think theres a new one every year). TO GET STUPID POINTS TO GET A BELT YOU SPEAK TO THE SENSIE AND CLICK COMPERTISION MODE, DONT GO TO THE CARBAT TO EARN A BELT, THATS JUST PRACTICE!!!!!


    Heres some tips on how to get good at card jistu : )
    1) Always try your best to play with the same person!! They tend to use the same cards!! : )
    2) Try to use Snow as your first card because most people like to use Snow and Water card as their first card!!
    3) Be random!! This gives you the greatest probability of winning!! So always pick cards randomly!!
    4) Do not jump to winning!! If not, people will know what cards you are using and will win you!!
    5) Do not quit when faced with a penguin with a high belt!! Winning a penguin with a higher belt gives you more points!!
    6) Train, as it is real important that you train at least 3 times before going for big points. This will get you into the feel of things. Also if you have high belts, you can challenge the weaker belts such as no belt or white belt.
    7) Stay calm while fighting, if you get all jumpy you will choose the wrong cards and even not think before you make a move. : D
    8)Be patient, even if you keep losing, you still earn points! You can lose a training round and you still get points! Basically, NEVER QUIT!
    9) Also, ensure you have a good mix of the three type of cards, the Snow, Fire And Water Cards. This will allow you to always choose the cards you want, and not the cards you are stuck with!! 10) The number on your cards play a really big part!! Use cards with small number to defeat other high number card, such as using a Number 2 Fire Card to beat a Number 6 Snow Card!!
    11) You can have one or more Special Cards!! They are cards with the number 10 and allow same cards with the smaller number to win the next round!! So, use that to your advantage!!
    12) It can get quite boring after a while, so do not force yourself to complete the game in a day!! Play it over a few days!! : )
    13) Imagine yourself as your opponent in order to predict what card to use, such as you need a Snow Card to win, so opponent will use Fire Card, in turn, use a Water Card to counter!! : )
    14) Do not be complacent when you are about to win, or give up when you are about to lose!! It is easy to turn the tables over!!
    15) There are two ways to beat your opponent!! First way is to have cards of same types with different colors, second way is to have cards of different types with different colors!! So always ensure that you can win both ways in the game!!

    ninja hideout

    ninja hideout

    Once, you earn the black belt, congrats to you!! You would have become a true ninja and ready to take on the Sensei!! To beat the Sensei, just keep losing for 5-6 rounds and you will win later!! Once you do so, you can buy ninja stuffs and use your ninja powers!!

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