How to master Card Jitsu Fire!

As some of you know club penguin hasent provided a guide on how to play card-jitsu fire, if you are a non member there is no point of reading this page. Im providing a guide to card-jitsu fire. so lisen up!

1. the first thing you have to do is talk the sensie, you can not play if you enter for the first time and go to a mat.

2. once you talk to the sensie ether train at a mat, or go to the sensie and click earn your Fire suit. But first you need to know the fire items you can get.

it starts from the flam sandels to the firery helmet. Now you need to know how many points you need to get the items.

as you can see on the bar, it goes to 100%, you get points by winning Card-Jitsu fire games, the only way you can earn points is go the to sensie and click earn your fire suit, if you play on the mats and you win you get no points, when you get 100% the sensie gives you the fire items.

3. How to play to game
To play the game is simple, once you get the hang of it, when you play it looks like a borad game.

It will say example0000’s turn, you’ll have to wait what he choses. when it said your turn, first pick one of the flashing yellow stones in the middle.

pick one randomly, then a number will apear, the number means the number stone around you, next a element on a stone will flash, pick one of the two.

Then it will say Fire battle, or snow battle or Water battle. If a three element one flashes then pick a element when you go on it then it will say fire, snow or water battle.

If this one flashes.

that means if your doing a 3 or 4 battle you pick one of your opponents and battle them only, not the rest, if time is out it will pick one for you, if your doing a 1 on 1 battle it will just pick the person your playing. when you chose that stone and pick a player it will say Card-Jitsu battle, that means you can play any element.

Once you pick any of the stones you pick a card Tip: pick the highest number of cards. In card-jitsu fire, ice could beat fire. This is because its a fire battle and another player doent have a fire card, so it alows them to pick any element. when they pick a 12 ice in a fire battle, and you pick a 5 fire, they can beat you because the card has a higher number.

4. How to win

The player who wins is the player who has the highest energy, to lose your enery has to be 0, when you start a game everyones energy starts on 6, if you lose a battle you lose a energy, if you win a battle you could gain a energy or keep a energy. to tell how many energys you have, its hidden the left of the frame with your penguin in.

5. How to become a fire ninja.

Once you have all of the fire items you go up to sensie and click challange sensie, if you win congrats to you, your a fire ninja, once youve won the sensie will give you Fire gem to put on your amulet, to get the water and ice gem you need to wait untill theres a water dojo and a ice dojo.


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