Agent Guide: Questions for a Crab

Here’s how to complete the Club Penguin Mission 6, also known as Questions for a Crab:

1. Talk to G and follow the crab up to the mountain.

2. Then fall down the mountain and follow him into the cave.

3. But you can’t get in the cave. So you have to find the bag of Puffle O’s. They are by the log and the tree.

4. Cut down the bag of Puffle O’s and take them to the black puffle who she be by the log. He will follow you.


5. Bring the black puffle to the cave door and throw the Puffle O into the pet doorand he will open the door.


6. When you get in the Polar Bear will trap you and tell him a story of his adventures.

7. After that, get out a Puffle O and throw it at the lever to the side of the gate open thing (it will be a red lever).


8. Once you do that throw another Puffle O at the top of the ramp that tilted.


9. Then throw the Puffle O on the platform that is raised. Then the gate will open! After that, try to get out an the door will open but snow will fall on it that will not let you out.


10. After that collect the hot sauce, which is on the table, the rope which is on the boards, the anchor, and the diagram of his machine which is on his wall.


11. Then put the Puffle O on the hot sauce and throw it at the snow wall. The puffle will go crazy and the wall will melt.


12. Then walk over to the wall which is one room away from the river.

13. Put the rope and the pickax together and throw it at the mountain and you will be at the top.


14. Then go to the bottom and go to the ski lodge and then go to where you go ice fishing.

15. Go and get a box of seaweed pizza from the pizza shop.

16. Then you go where you are supposed to go ice fishing. The polar bear will be there but he won’t notice you. So get out the box of pizza and click on the bear.


17. While he is occupied with that you can click the lever below the crab and it will turn to the other side.


Congratulations, you have successfully completed the 6th PSA Mission: Questions for a Crab!


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