Agent Guide: Case of The Missing Puffles

(Credit to Cp402 for the video)

Aunt Arctic: Thank goodness someone is here to help me! I think some of my puffles are in trouble! They’re missing! It happened an hour ago. I was doing some reporting for the ClubPenguin Times, so I brought my camera with me to take pictures.
You: What happened next?
Aunt Arctic: Two of my puffle must have hidden in my camera bag, because when I got home, I saw that they were missing, and my camera was gone too!
You: Could you describe your puffle for me?
Aunt Arctic: The green one loves to explore and be goofy, and the purple one like to take pictures.
You: Don’t worry Aunt Arctic I’ll find them.
Aunt Arctic: Oh, please find my puffles! I need to know that they are safe!
Step 1: Click on the Spy Phone that you get when you finish the Secret Agent Mission. Click “Visit HQ”.

Step 2: Click on the “Top Secret” stuff at the right-bottom of screen.

Step 3: Choose the “Case of the missing puffles”. Click on “Launch Mission” to start mission.

The maps you can search: Ski Mountain, Sport Shop, Ice Rink, Pet Shop, Tallest Mountain and Iceberg.

Step 4: Go to the “Pet Shop”. Click on the Paper Slip and get the message by match the code.

Step 5: Go to the “Sport Shop” and talk with G.

G: Hello! It’s a beautiful day on the Ski hill! Can I get you something?
You: Yes,Please!
G: Check out the catalog for everything you need to get around Club Penguin with style!
You: Do you have any Special items?
G: Well, there are some other special items. You can take a look at them, if you can answer this question. How many pairs of socks do I own? Enter the correct number that you get at step 4.
G: Oh! So you are a secret agent? Pleased to meet you! My name is ‘G’, and I invent all of the spy gadgets. Here is some spy equipment I’ve invented that might come in handy. Take what you need.
Get the grappling hook and the life preserver shooter.

Step 6: Go to the “Iceberg”.

Penguins: Too many of us waddled to the edge of the iceberg at the same time and the part we were standing on broke off! We started to float away!
You: Don’t worry, I’ll find some way to help you!

Step 7: Help the penguins by using the life preserver shooter.

Green Penguins: I saw two puffles. One had a propellor cap on, and the other was carrying a camera. They flew away, but I don’t know where. If I was higher up, maybe I could have seen where they went.

Step 8: Go to the “Ski Mountain” and talk with the brown penguin.

Brown Penguin: I was using my homemade telescope to look around Club Penguin, and it fell apart! Please help me fix my telescope. If you do, I’ll let you look through it! Please, will you help?

Step 9: Click on the Tools button on the top of the Spy Phone then use the spanner to fix the telescope.

Step 10: Look through the telescope.

Step 11: Go to the “Tallest Mountain” and use the grappling hook climb to the top of mountain.

Step 12: Go back to the Aunt Arctic’s Igloo.


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