Agent Guide: Case of the Missing Coins

Green Penguin: Thank goodness you’re here! The coins have been stolen from the vault and we have to get them back. I’m new to this whole Secret Agent thing and was told to guard the vault until another agent arrived.
You: So you’re a new agent? Welcome to the team.
Green Penguin: Thank you, I am glad to be here and hope to be a big help. Now that you are here, what should me do?
You: Have you noticed anthing unusual or strange?
Green Penguin: You mean other than an empty vault? No, nothing strange.
You: Did the door appear to be tampered with when you got here?
Green Penguin: Actually, no. The door was totally secure. See I can close it without any problem. The door is nice and secure, solid as a rock… Well actually metal.
You: That’s good. Now open up the door again so I can look inside.

Green Penguin: Sure, no problem. Oh no! I’m never going to make a good agent. The vault door is locked and I don’t remember the combination to open it. I’m sorry.
You: Don’t give up, everyone makes mistakes. Wher could I find the combination?
Green Penguin: Thanks! I hope one day I can be as good as agent as you. Maybe the vault combination is in the Gift Shop manager’s office.

Step 1: Go to the Office, click on the sofa and find a computer disk and a paper clip.

Step 2: Click on the computer and insert the computer disk to start the computer. Then click on the “Combination_Number”. You can find the number such as “N 0 E 4 S 6 W 6”.

Go back to the Gift Shop. Enter the combination into the vault. N: North. E: East. S: South. W: West.

Green Penguin: Yay! The vault is open. Now we can continue the investigation. Should we go in and take a look around? You’ve found the club penguin coins! How did they get up there? How did I miss them earlier? I can’t believe I didn’t see them. I am sure not having a good day. How do you suppose they got there?
You: I’ve heard of prices rising, not coins. We’re not finished. I need to get them down.
Green Penguin: I’ll stand guard to make sure nothing else happens here.

Step 3: Click on the agent phone when it rings and meet the G in the HQ.

G: Thanks for coming, Agent. I’ve managed to unscramble some video surveillance footage from the gift shop. I think you’ll find it helpful in your investigation. Would you like to watch it?
You: Yes, let’s see it.
G: Alright then watch this screen.
Click on the screen…then back..

G: There is something strange and vaguely familiar to me about this. I can’t quite put my flipper on it right now, but I will put my mind to it. For now, it would be wise to investigate how this occurred. A new perspective might shed some light.
You: There are only so many perspectives around here. What would you suggest?
G: Look up, and try the roof.
You: That’s a great idea. But I already tried that and the door is locked. Do you have the key?
G: All the master keys to the rooms in the town are in this drawer. Just look for the one marked rooftop.

Step 4: Click on the drawer. Choose a right key. Open the door with the key and go to the roof. Pick up the tuft of white fur.

Use the agent phone’s tools to open the Powa Box. Then use the paper clip break the Powa Box.

Step 5: Go to the HQ. Pick up a flash light. Then go to the Town.

The Penguin: I’m so sad. I finally found a great place to dance but just when I started to get into it everything suddenly went dark. It sounded like a power surge or maybe a fuse blew. Please, can you help me?
You: That’s no good. Let me investigate and I’ll do my best to fix the power for you.
The Penguin: Thank you, thank you. It’s pitch black in there. You’re going to need something to help you see. I think there is a fuse box in the Boiler Room.

Step 6: Go into Night Club. It’s dark in there. So use the flash light to help you see. Find the entrance and into it. Then find the Fuse Box and click on it to open it. And reset the fuses by changing their colors until they are all green. Clicking on a fuse will change it’s color from red to green or (vise-versa) as well as the color of the fuse above it, below it, and to the left and right side of it.

The last step for Club Penguin Mission 3: Go back HQ and talk with G.


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