Im Back! And 5th Anniversary Party! And New Pin! Catalog cheats!

1. Yes Im back, Im having a lot of troubles with keeping up on Club Penguin, but i decided, well my blog is REALLY popular, so i suggested ill make a come back, ill try hard to keep up on stuff on club penguin!

2. Yes indeed its the 5th Anniversary, ITS ONLY 1 DAY, so get the party hat quick! party hats are rare items, in ten years time penguins will be following you saying “OMG, ITS A OLD MEMBER, HES GOT THE 5th ANNIVERSARY PARTY HAT!” In fact, penguins are doing that to people who have the beta party hat and the 1st 2nd and 3rd party hats!

Heres a Few Pictures!

And Heres the New Pin, at the cove:

And heres how to get a Celebration Stamp, Blow out the cake candles.

1. Goto the coffee shop (when a anniversary party is on)
2. click on the large cake
3. and the candles blow out, well done you got the stamp!

Here is our catalog cheats! ( i thought cpDq231’s catalog videos were really good, so all credit to him!)



Igloo (and furniture (mainly Igloo).):


In a few posts we will have a guess the room competition (HALLOWEEN VERSION!) so start memorising the rooms, and we will have a expert category, witch is harder!

Waddle On!
Good to be back!



2 responses to “Im Back! And 5th Anniversary Party! And New Pin! Catalog cheats!

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