Club Penguin Music!

Hello Penguins! Here is our club penguin music! Enjoy

Important Notice:

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Coffee Shop
Night Club
Dance Lounge/Boiler Room
Pizza Parlour
Dojo/Ninja Hideout
Box Dimension


Hydro Hopper
Bean Counter
Puffle Round Up
Ice Fishing
Cart Surfer
Pizzatron 3000
Jet Pack Adventure
Thin Ice
Catchin’ Waves
Aqua Grabber Lv. 1
Aqua Grabber Lv. 2
Card Jitsu
Sled Racing
Epic Win!
Penguin Band Boogie
Card-Jitsu Fire


3rd Anniversary Party
April Fools Party 1
April Fool’s Party 2
Camp Party 1
Camp Party 2
Fall Fair
Fall Fair Games
Festival of Flight 1
Festival of Flight 2
Balloon Ride
Festival of Snow
Halloween Party ‘06/’07
Halloween Party ‘07
Halloween Party ‘08 1
Halloween Party ‘08 2
Halloween Dance Mix
Sinister Pipe Organ
Medieval Party
Medieval Party
Medieval Party
Epic Battle
Strong Gale
Knight’s Quest 1
Knight’s Quest 2
Penguin Games 1
Penguin Games 2
Penguin Games 3
Puffle Party 1
Puffle Party 2
Puffle Party 3
Submarine Party 1
Submarine Party 2
Summer Kick-Off Party 1
Summer Kick-Off Party 2
Summer Kick-Off Party 3
St. Patrick’s Day Party 1
St. Patrick’s Day Party 2
St. Patrick’s Day Party 3
Water Party 1
Water Party 2
Winter Fiesta 1
Winter Fiesta 2
Winter Luau 1
Winter Luau 2

Beach Mix
Cool Surf
Dance Mix
Driving Guitar
Folk Guitar
Hard Rock
Jazz Piano
Ocean Voyage


Beach Jam
Alternative Rock
Rock & Roll
Mix Maestro
Pop Song
Flipper Stomper
Classic Orchestra
Country Mix
Icicle Tunes


Space Adventures Planet X
Twelfth Fish
Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal
Team Blue’s Rally Debut
The Quest for the Golden Puffle
The Penguins that Time Forgot
Team Blue’s Rally 2
Ruby and The Ruby
Space Adventures Planet Y
Fairy Fables
Penguin Play Awards
The Haunting of the Viking Opera
Norman Swarm has been Transformed!


Jingle Bells
Deck the Halls
Deck the Halls Piano Solo
Christmas Wonderland
Club Penguin Christmas Theme
Snowy Holiday
Christmas Jam


Ancient Egypt


Hope you enjoy the music!



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