Agent Guide: Avalanche Rescue

Step 1: Talk with G.

G: Good, you’re here. I’ve been waiting for you to arrive.
You: Did you find out anything about the white fur I found by the magnet last mission?
G: Not right now. The tests so far have not revealed anything concrete. I am as perplexed as you over this mystery. I will continue my analysis and let’s hope between the two of us something else will be uncovered to shed more light on the strange evidence.
You: I was informed an avalanche occurred at the Ski Hill. How can I help?
G: There has been an avalanche on the Ski Hill. Four penguins trapped on a cliff are in need of rescue. You will need to find your way down the hill to rescue them. You will need a retrieval device to reach them. Try adapting the life preserver shooter with another item that will allow you to complete the rescue. Look around the island for anything that might help you. I would start maybe by looking for something that will help to ‘real’ the preserver back in.
You: Where can I find the life preserver shooter?
G: It’s in the Gadget Room. I’ll let you in.

Step 2: Go into the Gadget Room. And find the life preserver shooter Gary was talking about.

Step 3: Out of the HQ, entered the Sport Shop. Find a belt on a green penguin.

Step 4: Then go to The Beach >> Light House and find a rope on a red ship.

Step 5: Go to the Ski Village then into the Ski Lodge to find the fishing pole.

Step 6: Out of the Ski Lodge, pick up the white fur.

Step 7: Talk with the crying brown penguin. Then Click on the item on the following picture, put the belt on it to fix the Ski life.
Brown Penguin: I’m so bummed out! The Ski life is broken and I want to go for a ride. Do you know how to fix it?
You: I can take a look and see what I do.
Brown Penguin: Thanks! I hope you can fix it.

Step 8: Go to the Mountain, find the trail.

Step 9: Ok, now there are always three path you can choose, really amusing clubpenguin mission huh? Go follow me: right, middle, middle, left, right.

Step 10: There are four penguins stranded on this cliff and you must find a way to get them to safety. Put the fishing pole, the rope and the life preserver together.

Step 11: Let the tree branch to fell. Rescue the penguin on the tree, then rescue the right penguin, put a penguin on the tree, rescue the penguin under the tree, rescue the penguin on the tree again. Put all three penguins on the rocks on the left, so they will push the rock down. Pick up all three penguins again to rescue the last penguin.


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