Send In your Ideas!!

Welcome to Send In Your Ideas! Before you send In a Idea to me,It has to be good Like New Member Area OR
Play the EPF missions From the Game On the Internet When you enter the Comand Room. Ive got a few ideas That need to be send (Udated, and changes every month) Here they are:

Non member catalog in Every (with Member one)
Casino Party in november
Secret member room
Design your Own Pin 3000
Coffee Maker 3000 (game)
New Astro Barrier Levels
New Thin Ice Levels
Get a Payed Job (Coffee Watier, Pizza Watier, Recue Squad Helper….)
New Puffle Catalog (hasent been a new one for ages)
Buy Club penguin games to put in your igloo like thin ice, and card jistu, Instead of going there.
To be able to Sell Stuf
To create Your own Shop Catalog In your Igloo To sell Your Own Stuf

Those ideas would be amazing in club and it would get a change for non Members to Do more stuf. So send in Your ideas (And mine) Now In your coments!!!!!!!! Then I will Pick A few then post them to Club penguin,
I will Then type them in on the blog page then you get to see if your was picked!

Penguin Contuction


4 responses to “Send In your Ideas!!

  1. if you cold improve cp you should add more rooms.


    • I am sorry, but clearly these are not our trackers. These do not belong to us they belong to, so you can go and complain to them please!


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