Club Penguin Beginners Guide

If you’re new to Club Penguin this is the Page for you!
we will start off by creating an Acount for you.
When you get to the home page click play now! and theres an icon saying Create a Penguin. Click on it and you fill the details. here are some tips for a good name and what not to do for a name

Make it good like your road name and number (example Kettshill56)
make it funny (example 88CheeseBall88)
mix up the numbers so it doent say this name has been used
DO NOT put details of yourself as you’re name and NEVER put in your second name or middle
DO NOT put in your age as your number
NEVER NEVER!!!! put in youre postcode as a name thats how you get banned.

once you got a name you need a password
Never give away a password to anyone apart from a parent or guardian.
make it really hard to get but a good one to remember
make it a code like make it lower case first and capital for the rest.

now you need a e-mail. Parent or guardian E-mail is fine.

once you have done that you need a parents password (this is optional). If you get one you can use safe chat witch means you can type in what you say on a chat bar in club penguin, if you dont you use ultimate safe chat wicht means you get a chose on what to say.

now you can pick a penguin colour (you can change the colour).

Once you have done that you can create acount and log in, click play now, then type in your username and password and then pick a server (pick anyone). and you will arive anywere on club penguin. the penguin with your penguin name under and with the blue circle around is your penguin.

click to waddle about.
click on a penguin to show the player card

you can change what you wear with this.
here is a guide on how to work things on club penguin.

The first thing to do is explore club penguin with the map, click on places on the map to get around club penguin.
The next thing to do is go to your igloo on the bottom bar and click on the little house. you will end up in your igloo. It is empty, you can not put items in it yet so you need to log off at the top of the screen. and go to the home page. click on membership and it said 1 month, 6 months and 1 year in dollars if you are american keep it as that, if you are british or something else click on change currency and change it. now its the right type of money. You now need permision from a parent or guardian to get a membership. They will type in a Pin and credit details and get you a member ship, get one by clicking on one of the amount of time you want it like 1 month.

once you have one log in to club penguin and you have a membership! Go to the town on the map and then go to the gift shop and click on the catalog in the bottom right hand corner and a catalog will apear, you atomaticly get 500 coins when you join Cp, you can buy things for your penguin, once you get somthing click on your player and find the item for your penguin to wear. If you want sport things go to the sport shop in the ski village and do the same thing in the corner. If you want a furniture item go to your igloo and click on the measureing tape in the bottom right corner and then click on the blue catalog, if you want to buy a new igloo click on the Igloo.

first you probally have run out of coins so you need to play games around club penguin by walking up to areas like a bean bag. here are all the good games in club penguin

Bean counters (coffee shop, walk up to beans bag)
Pizzatron 3000 (pizza parlour, walk up to the kichen)
jet pack adventure (beacon above lighthouse, walk up to landing pad)
puffle round up (pet shop, walk up to employees only door)
dance contest (nightclub, walk up to sign up desk)
DJ-3K (nightclub, walk up to DJ table)
Thin ice and Astro barrier (Dance lodge above nightclub, walk up to the classic arcade game tables)
Card jistu (Dojo in moutains, talk to the sensei and earn your belts to become a ninja)

There is a pet shop in the plaza, go into the pet shop, and click on the red catalog to buy a puffle, if you want to know more about puffles then go to our Puffle Caring Page.

if you want to know to lastest things on club penguin then go to the news in the top left corner, and for sneak peaks go to the ‘Whats’s New?’ Blog for club penguin.
If click on a different penguin you can become there buddie and send then mail.

Well done you have mastered Cp and now you can have fun! If you need help send us a comment or go to the club penguin homepage and click on help atthe top and go on contact us!


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  1. i love to visit pet shops because i love to see cute little puppies.:*


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