Puffle Caring

This page is about puffles, somtimes you see puufles around club penguin. and where also gonna tell you how to look after your puffles.

1. How to get a puffle

Go to the pet shop and click on the red catalog, if you want puffle furniture click on the yellow catalog.

2. how to look after your puffle(s)

to keep your puffle healthy you need to feed it alot, when its bars are narly empty feed them, make them go to sleep, or play with them (to play with them you can also take them for a walk).


As you can see in the picture (not my puffle) the puffle has 3 bar under the piture:

Energy bar (use for feeding)

Health bar (play and walk)

Rest (sleep and having bath)

When you take them for a walk they all like differt places, they all hate the mine, above mine and boiler room.
Most like the night club, town, plaza, coffee shop and rockhoppers ship (only in club penguin at sertain times).

Puffle acts

There are sertain puffles that get disscorfered every year (mybe) as you can see the colours above, here are there colours and what they do:

BLUE: Like to play with ball, mild temperted, content, loyal
RED: adventurous, enthusiatic, likes to play with cannon, bowling pins, can play cachting waves with you.

PINK: active, cheery, likes to play with jump rope, trampoline, loves to exsersise, can play aqua grabber with.
BLACK: strong, silent type, not cheerful, likes to play with a skate bord, can turn into fire when eats o berry.
GREEN: Funny, very cheeryful, like to play with unicycle, propeller hat, like to clown around and tell jokes.
YELLOW: artistic, Creative, likes to act, likes to play with paintbrush, create movies.
PURPLE: Happy, Cool, like to play with bubbles, dancing, can play dance contest with.
WHITE: gentle, strong, shy, like to play with ice skating, can turn anything into ice with its breath.
ORANGE (new): gets tired alot, likes to play with boxes and a toy cart, very crazy and random.

When one of the puffle bars on its cards are empty the puffle runs out into the wild and never comes back (not joking) and what im doing is gathering lot of people to send in ideas on help (on the cp home page) To make puffles so they never run away (but you can sell them) SO SEND YOUR IDEAS IN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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