How to Master Card Jitsu Water!

Club Penguin Has finnaly released the next step in our journey to become ninja masters! CARD JITSU WATER.

First of all, yes that’s right! You need some more packets of card jitsu water, try and get alot of tins! As suggested in another one of my guides, every chrismas and birthday ask for a tin! They include lots of power cards! Also search ebay and amazon online for powerful cards! Also, try to find the Puffle Deck! This includes all of the puffle cards you can get, and lots and rare cards and power cards!

To play card Jitsu water Go to the DOJO enter the ninja hide out and click on the card jitsu water sign!

The entrance to the Card Jitsu Water Stadium will open! Unfortunately it’s for members only.

Anyway here are the basic instructions

To become a water ninja you must earn all 4 items of the water ninja suit!

When you are ready to start talk to the water sensei! He will give you a water booster pack and that’s it you are ready to play!

The game is a RACE. First to go to the finish line wins!

To move pick a empty glowing stone. REMEMBER you can move diagonally

TO move faster play opposite cards!

If you reach finish line first, you get most of the experience

More Tips

That’s pretty much everything you need to know!

Do you like the new card jitsu game? I SURE DO! Leave a comment and let us know what you think!


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