Impossable Cp Things

Hi, this pages tells Newbies to Club penguin what you cant do in cp, and will never happen in cp (if cp put it in then its ether a glich, staying there for a party, or there just werid) these pictures can be funny, werid, but apart from that… there all inpossable:

Cp imposable puffle coloures

Tipped the Ice Berg

Puffle farted

Rainbow Puffle!

Ninja Hamster

Funny thing


jail in Cp

Sorry if Thats puffle Abuse. ^^^^

Funny Dance Contest things

evil sensei

Sensei Die
Of couse you cant do that but i Wish you could

What ive always wanted to do to Gary.

This is what happends when you puffles hate you and are about to run away.

This page will be udated with more and more Stuf, so keep your eyes open on this page.


4 responses to “Impossable Cp Things

  1. Hi Fin this blog is SO much better than before

  2. Sure is impossible…

  3. i like when it says of cours i can do that but i wish u could

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