Gary the gadget guy tracker and guide

Who is gary?

Gary is club penguins inventor, he invents things like the swichbox 3000, Pizzatron 3000 and Jet pack adventure. If you are a Agent and youve played the missions you will see gary, or to agents ‘G’. Penguins call him gary the gadget guy because he really is a gadget guy.

You can use the gary tracker to track him down. gary only comes on sertain edvents and partys like the festival of flight and the halloween party, sometimes he might come into the HQ to talk about the new mission. Gary can apear in the News paper to talk about things like new games, he also judges some igloo contests.

Gary apears on any server, so it could be random, he stay on each server 4 minutes then goes to the next server. If you happen to meet him you can get his background to proof that you have met him, to do that click on him and his player card will come, click the small card board box in the bottom left corner and you can get his background.


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