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Great Snow Maze has Arivved and New Game at Fire Dojo!


Finally after the Black puffles, Then the scavnger hunt, Mysterious Volcano, Storm, Gold smith amulet, Volcano game Construction the Game is finally here! Itsgreat isant it, i belive some penguins are finding ithard to play the game so im contructing a new page on tips to becoame a fire master, and how the play the new Member fire game. the page should be complete tomorrow.


The Member snow maze is here! You can win a prize for it! Plus theres new Weel Sleds (my name apinion).
Some say you cant get to the end on that last bit, the igloo shaped tunnels overlap, the blue arrow it under and the red one is overlaping. Here follow this video EXACLY were it tells you to go, otherwise it wouldent work.

And then get the free item. If your confused on where hesgoing use this map.

Plus theres a new Sports catalog in the sport shop.