Card Jutsi Water Video, Hunt Cheats, and Info. -HALLOWEEN COMPETITION CLOSED-

Howdy! Its card jitsu water, right now we are just updating our site to a C.J.W Background. And we have a new member to the team, Plumstead2, read his post!

We will be tracking to sensi, so heres some tips:

1. Sensei is a blue penguin, with a white beard, a red suit, and a hat.

2. Sensei is usually found only in exclusive rooms. For the Halloween party, he can only be found in his Dojo. Do not check other rooms because he will not be there. Only check Fire Dojo.

3. Sensei goes on the most popular servers on Club Penguin, especially during peak hours of the day. Some of Gary’s favorite servers are Mammoth, Frozen, Blizzard, Abominable, Fjord, and Sleet. Check these servers first.

4. Sensei will always have tons of penguins crowding him on Club Penguin. If there is a crowd, make sure you check the room extra hard for Sensei.

5. Since Sensei is always crowded, it can get difficult to find him in the room. In this case, use the users in room list in the bottom right of your toolbar. The list is alphabetized. Scroll down and look for the username Sensei.

6. Sensei constantly changes servers. He usually logs on for about 10-15 minutes.

7.He is a robot, sometimes he is an actual Club Penguin employee, and occasionally Sensei is logged in as a robot and an employee on two different servers. You can find Sensei in more than one server.

8. If you do find Sensei, be sure to leave a comment on this post with what server you found Gary in, and what time you found him. If you are looking to find Sensei, check the comments on this post for a recent location.

So Good Luck Tracking, im afraid we do not have a chat, we are not experts, are site is not big enough for a chat.

Now here is the Water Hunt Cheats!

And here is the trailer club penguin released:

And here is the trailer club penguin released:



I have not found him yet, so i do not have his background.

As you can already see the water dojo is under contruction, it is swinging off chains, behind the waterfall


I met sensei, heres some pics:

Waddle On!



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