Earth Day!, New Club Penguin DS Trailer, New Cp Mission Sneak Peak

Hello Everyone!

Earth Day is Here! Theres a Brand New Room, and theres a hunt!, ill tell You the Prize, its a recycle Pin.

Theres Also a Trailer for the New Club Penguin DS Game ‘Herbert’s Revenge’

Ive got More News, the new mission 11 sneak peak post cp posted is here:

April is coming to a close, and a new month with new events and surprises is coming up. One of the biggest upcoming events is the long-awaited release of the new mission!

We’ve heard from a lot of Secret Agents who have been patiently waiting to hear what Herbert’s been up to. I can’t give too much away (since it’s classified info), but I can confirm that Herbert’s been plotting something BIG…

The new mission launches at the end of May. The team recommends that agents go through past missions to prepare their skills.

They also suggest that anyone who isn’t an agent to consider joining the PSA. You won’t want to miss this.

There is it

Stay Tunned, Waddle On!


One response to “Earth Day!, New Club Penguin DS Trailer, New Cp Mission Sneak Peak

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