April Fools Party! New Style Catalog, And Herbert Spotted in Cp Newspaper

Hello Everyone! Apirl Fools!

The Apirl Fools Party is Here! Whats your favourite room? Mine is the Mine, Get it? haha Apirl Fools! There are some free items at the docks and the Silly Place for members at the snow forts:

To get the one at the docks you need to throw snowballs at the board the complete the picture of the treasure box, and then the free item will fly out of it:

This the the member one in the Silly Place:

Theres also a Eco Style catlaog in the Gift shop!

Theres a New Club penguin News issue! It has lots of doddles in it, it also has herbert in it look:

You may think im stupid and think thats just a penguin in a yeti suit but theres a gap to see the penguins colour next the eye hole in the yeti suit, and that penguin is white, the thing in this yeti cosume is white and also has grey eyebrows:

See! it must be herbert!

Stay tunned on that!

April Fools and Waddle on!



One response to “April Fools Party! New Style Catalog, And Herbert Spotted in Cp Newspaper

  1. Hey! You May Know Cdecker81 From His 176,000 Hits Website, Club Penguin Galaxy. Well He Is Hosting His Goodbye Party, And YOU’RE INVITED! Here Are The Details:
    Day: This Sunday (TOMORROW)
    Time (Snow Fort Time): 11 AM
    Server: Sherbet
    Room: Dock
    Penguins Invited: 3,056
    THIS PARTY WILL BE HUGE! Cdecker81 Will Make His Final Appearance On Club Penguin, And You Can Be There!
    During The Party, CD81 Will Record, Take Pictures, Play Games With Fans, And May Give Away A Series 7 Coin Code To The Most Supportive Fan. He REALLY Hopes You Can Come!
    -Cdecker81 Helper
    P.S. Get There Early Before It Gets Full!

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