Puffle Rescue has Arrived!!! How to get the key, New Better Igloos!

Puffle Rescue has started in the mine, the only bad thing is that non nembers cant play the pink and blck missions, they can only do the blue one.

If you are a member the underwater is locked, theres a note on the door:

It say you need to find the key in the black puffle mission on puffle rescue. No need to work it out i got an walkthrough here:

If you still dont understand basiclly on the first level of the black puffle one, grab the black puffle and wait till the squid shadow apears, follow it, you cant make it all the way so the squid leaves some bubbles behind it, hover over those when they pop you bounce up again once you have done that go up through the tunnel and go to the stairs and then your complete! then it takes you to the underwater area, waddle over to the pin you you have it!!!

Theres new better igloos catalog:

Noctice it Staint Patricks day furniture, the days sneaking up But!! are they going to have a staint patricks day party??

Remeber the Lots Comming up in 2010 picture club penguins blog showed us back in january picture, looks like we can tick some things off on that list, So we have got the New orange Puffle so tick that off, and we have seen the squid in puffle rescue so tick that:

Herberts still there! When will herbert Stike Again, looks like we will have to find out soon….

In other news: Penguin Play Adwards is Comming, this means a sertain Famous Penguin or two or three maybe even a Music Band! may apear to the backstage somtime.

Waddle on!



8 responses to “Puffle Rescue has Arrived!!! How to get the key, New Better Igloos!

  1. OMG it worked! thank you!

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  3. I think its stupid that non-members can’t play.


    • no if you miss it restart the level, try getting help on you youtube, im sure theirs some more videos out there

  5. thx for the advice

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