EPF Robots On island and Cena12121’s EPF Bagde Discovery.

In the chrismas party there are some hidden EPF (elite Penguin force) Robots on club penguin, if you dont have the Cp DS game this is what the robots are:

Gary builds the Robots and tests them, garys loses control over the Robots and the robots try to attack club penguin, The EPF agents (Rockie, Jet pack guy, Dot and You) destroy the robots, but the things the robots have stolen have been made into a big robot and trys to destroy cp, but the agents destroy the big robot.

Here are the pictures of the robots:

If the robots are there that means that theres goingto be a new mission porbally for EPF agents only.
Also Cena12121 has discovered the EPF badges that you earn in the DS game on club penguin, that means that you can wear the badges as Pins! 🙂


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