Chrismas Party is here! And pin.

The Holiday party is here! its now different because its now called holiday party. Theres great exsting stuf like the Member sleigh ride, Concert for change, photos with santa, Toy factory and more. the first thing is the member sleigh ride! Its great.

How to play:
Go the the dance logde and go up stairs to the roof top, click on the fly button on the controls and you will start flying. Every time you fly past a chimney of an igloo press the present resease button. To tell how many more present to drop is on the screen next to the button. The prize is a santa suit, it will apear on a rack on the glass platform, there arent any more prizes.

Once you have done that you can get the new pin in the lodge attic. Rockhoppers leaving tommorow 😦 so donate as many coins as possable before he leaves.

Waddle on and Merry Chrismas!


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