Coins for Change, Postcards, Igloo catalog, Better igloo catalog all here and new!

Today is a Big day theres tones of things going on and the chrismas party is coming!


Rockhoppers here for coins for change the world changing chairity!

Theres some BIG surprises for members, because rockhopper is selling a CFC bucket to make to donte coins in your igloo!

since rockhopers come theres been some Big changes like the Fire Dojo and the halloween party. and the Cp record for the biggest Cp storm!

How to donate: Go up to one of the coins for change buckets and click on it pick a topic you would like to donate to and pick the amount of money.

How to donate in igloo: go to rockhoppers store and click on the scroll in the bottom right hand corner, click on it and but it for 75 coins, you will find it in your igloo on furniture, get it out and save, then walk up to it and donate (only works once every time you enter igloo)


theres are new chrismas post cards to send to your buddies.

Theres a free item gift postcard aswell.


theres wonderful new chrismas furniture for your igloo, i have the secrets here


There is a new igloo catalogwith a brand new snow floor

there are no new secrets


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