Coins for Change Coming! and Rockhopper.

Coins for change is coming for chrismas, if you dont know what coins for change is, well then ill tell you, its a chairity witch raises money for poor/sick children, children with no home and parents and the new one helping the environment. The words Coins for Change means, coins: raising money and Change: once the money is raised it makes changes around the world. To donate coins you have the play games on Cp and earn coins then go to one of the buckets (or whatever it is this year) and donate a amount of coins you pick, then the amount of coins that are pick is then taken from the membership money and donated to children around the world (if they dont have money they take it from Toys online). Simples Eck!

Rockhoppers also coming to help out on coins for change (hes actually the person whos incharge/running it).
If you’re a member rockhopper is selling a item that is possable to donate coins in your igloo! If you dont know who rockhopper is you can find out who he is by looking on our ‘Rockhopper Traker and Guide’ Page, plus if you want to find out when rockhopper is coming look at the telespope at the beacon above the lighthouse.

Waddle on!


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