Halloween Party! and Hunt Answers

Hi penguins the Halloween party rocks, keep this in mind members Garys science lab isant in the book room now the entrance in in the mine when you pull the latern twise, it will opena. And the catalog Theres also a catalog in the lab, here look just for non members im showing them what it looks like:


Garys Science Lab

Now heres the Halloween Candy Hunt Answers:

1: Up stairs in the Ski lode Behind a Pumpkin.
Ski lodge upstairs

2:At the dock in the Sweet shaped hole in the Pumpkin.

3:In the pet shop behind the candle next to the red puffle.
Pet shop

4:At the cove inside the book the ghost is reading on the sign.

5.The next one in on the trim of pumpkin lights at the cave, its the big one.

6.At the Football area inside the (your) Right Light, its a box.
football pich

7.This one is at the forest in the bushes , hover your mouse over it a couple of times and it will jump out.

8. The last one is a the mine it the pond of green gew at (your) bottom right corner, also is the entrance to Garys Science Lab, when you pull the latern twise, its only for member (ill chage it if its for all players).

Now heres the Prize (Dont be exsited its crap)

Halloween candy hunt prize and sweets

In other news: Theres a brand new area on the Club penguin Fun Activities page, Where you can create your own Club penguin items (Updates every month) This month is Create a Puffle Pumpkin, Go check it out now! Its on the Fun stuff at the bottom of the Cp Home Page.


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