Volcano Update!

We finally have some Updates from the Cp times Today!, Gary Says that this will cause a Storm At the end of teh month hopfully intime for the Halloween party!, Remember last years Storm in cp, it will happen again! Heres what our cheif reporter Aunt Artic/ Cp team say, Over to you:

After a Few Weeks of mystery and Rumors, at least one of the efects of the Volcano’s Aweakening is becoming Obvious In the Sky. Gary the Gaget Guy Reported this week the Volcano may have a Significant impact on the Weather. “After a reseach, i have concluded the heat and smoke rising form the volcano is gathering in the astmosphere- the sky, i mean. This can often lead to severe weather Patterns… Including lighting storms”. We asked Gary if a storm was likely, and when it might hit the island. “I calculate the odds are around 99% that a storm will hit around the end of the month… maybe even time for Halloween”. Thanks Gary, Fin1002 over to you.

Well we have all the answers now, whta now, well as gary said well will just have to wait till halloween.


Waddle on!


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