Sensei volcano Update.

today some things have updated down a the hideout, in the news this week it said its gonna go on till Gary figures something out, last year the Club penguin avalanch struck down to the dojo, and it mite happen agin this year, heres what our news reportre said, Aunt artic over to you:

Though some time has pased since the volcano has awakened, penguins are still wondering what it may mean for the islands future. rumours are buzzing, and everyone is looking for the sensei for answers. ‘ Ahh the volcano, its powers so great and effects us all,’. ‘It unleashes heat and smoke from the ground… and may unleash fire from the sky’. We asked the sensei to reaval more information but he only smiled for a moment and said ‘ perhaps someone esle, can give you answers, maybe a science master…’ well theres our report, aunt artic, north club penguin, Fin1002 over to you

Well, theres our news about the volcano, G How is this ‘smoke’ gonna effect poluting club penguin?

‘well surtainly it mite polute club penguin in a way, maybe some more technogy with help.

Well thats all for today, well just have to find out some more imformation from Gary in next weeks news on thursday.

dojo coutyard


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